Cardinal Brings the Store to Your Facility!

We make on-site shows turnkey for our partner facilities. Simply provide us with your uniform policy and a room, and we’ll do the rest.

  • Handpicked product offering specifically for your employees needs
  • Flexible show hours to meet your needs, including overnight to include your third shift
  • We provide the advertising flyers, table tents, email template and payroll forms
  • Cardinal’s friendly, efficient and professional staff will provide quality customer service throughout the show
  • When the show is over, Cardinal staff will load up and leave the room as it was before.
  • The fundraising department, auxiliary or non-profit of your choosing will get a check for a percentage of the proceeds!

Best Shoes for Nurses

In my opinion, shoes are the most important part of your uniform. The wrong ones can make you ache all over and can lead to long term problems. I found this in-depth article that I feel is very helpful in explaining why the right shoes

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How to Keep Your Scrubs Looking and Fitting Their Best

You came in to Cardinal Uniforms, tried on a variety of brands, sizes, and styles and purchased your favorite ones (thank you!), now how do you keep them fitting and looking their best? Here are some easy to do tips for busy working professionals we’ve

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