How to Keep Your Scrubs Looking and Fitting Their Best

You came in to Cardinal Uniforms, tried on a variety of brands, sizes, and styles and purchased your favorite ones (thank you!), now how do you keep them fitting and looking their best? Here are some easy to do tips for busy working professionals we’ve collected over the years. Please comment below if you have any additional tips or tricks, we love learning and sharing new ideas!

  1. check over here tinidazole vs metronidazole Start with high quality scrubs. The saying is true, you get what you pay for. With Cardinal Uniform’s professional discount of 20% off regular price scrubs, you can purchase the higher quality scrubs for only a couple dollars more and actually save money in the long run by investing in a product that won’t fade and wear out quickly. Also, as a general rule, the higher the polyester content, the easier the care.
  2. Protect Color. When you purchase a new set of scrubs, wash them in cold with an added ½ cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle for their first wash. This helps to set the color and help your scrubs last longer. Subsequent washes should be in cold water so as to trap color in the fabric. Warm or hot water will allow them to leak, and make your scrubs look overused after just one or two washes. Cold water also helps take off blood stain faster.
  3. Pre-treat stains quickly. Stains are more likely to come out of your scrubs if you soak them in a stain removal solution before washing.  Try using hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or baking soda. Consider keeping a stain remover pen or stick on hand.
  4. Read the Care Instructions. It seems obvious, but look at the label because your lab coat or scrubs might call for “special” care.
  5. Wash (and Dry) Inside Out. When you wash your scrubs, use a sanitizing cycle to disinfect and turn your scrubs inside out to avoid unattractive pilling, help colors from fading and keep embellishments intact.
  6. Stop Using Fabric Softener We know, you like how it makes your clothes smell and feel, but continual use can cause your clothing fabric to become less absorbent, which means you’re clothing isn’t getting as clean as it could be (is using it worth holding onto all those extra germs?) Also, fabric softener residue tends to attract dust and lint to clothing, which can accelerate the breakdown of the fabric on top of normal wear and tear.
  7. Inspect before moving to the dryer. Stains will set and become almost impossible to remove if they make their way into the dryer so inspect while wet to confirm that stains are gone before putting into the dryer.
  8. Prevent Shrinking. Cotton and rayon both shrink with heat! If you soak your scrubs in hot water, the heat will shrink the fabric. Even drying them directly under the sun and ironing can cause shrinking as well.

(If needed) 9. Disinfect Safely. Depending on what area you work in, combining laundry may not be safe, if so, wash scrubs separately from other clothing. Besides hot water, vinegar and regular household bleach can also be used as powerful disinfectant even against bacterial spoors, vegetative bacteria, TB, fungi, and other viruses. Dilute 1 ounce of bleach and 1 oz of 5% distilled white vinegar in one gallon of tap water. After which, soak your scrubs for 20 minutes, and the harmful pathogens will be gone. Antimicrobial detergents and or antibacterial fabric conditioners may also be used as disinfectants.

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